Ensuring Consumer Safety

Designed with consumer health and safety in mind, the ASTM +NIHC HEMPQ test laboratory certification program is the first independent program utilizing Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) specifically highlighting safety in the hemp industry. Program requirements reviewed and managed by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI), an affiliate of ASTM International, this program was formed with input by state Attorneys General and other law enforcement agencies. The NIHC Verify program is operated by NIHC and takes the first step towards product safety.

Building Consumer Confidence

The ASTM +NIHC HEMPQ certification program is a voluntary program that promotes the consistent testing of hemp products by U.S. and international test laboratories. Products tested within an ASTM +NIHC certified lab may qualify for the NIHC Verify program, which allows the use of the NIHC Verify mark for one year.

Program Benefits

  • Minimize risks while remaining ahead of regulatory requirements
  • Demonstrate test laboratory commitment to consumer and patient health and safety
  • Scientifically verify facilities adhere to the strictest industry safety standards
  • Leverage ASTM’s Quality System GxP Certification Platform to track and manage data

How to Apply

Program participants must submit products to an ASTM +NIHC certified test laboratory for evaluation.

In addition, program participants must be an NIHC member in “good standing.” Please review the NIHC Member in Good Standing document here.

NIHC verifies that applicant is utilizing an ASTM +NIHC certified test laboratory for their product evaluations and is an NIHC member in good standing and issues an agreement that allows the applicant to use the provided NIHC Verify logo for one year, pending annual renewal in the program. Please apply here.

The NIHC Global Directory

NIHC has established a global laboratory directory in partnership with Global Data Vision (https://globaldatavision.org/) to further promote transparency, and to provide consumers and customers the opportunity to review the labs that are testing hemp-related products. To sign up for the NIHC Global Directory please click here

NIHC is a government-appointed partner promoting the safe production and use of hemp internationally through standards development, advocacy, research, and education. The NIHC Verify program supports the organization’s mission to promote testing transparency, standard requirements, consumer confidence, and ultimately product safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The ASTM +NIHC HEMPQ Certification program is a certification program that audits a lab’s internal processes in accordance with 16 different ASTM standards. The ASTM +NIHC Certification audit includes a Quality Management System (QMS) document review, a Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) program assessment, and Facility assessment.

The NIHC Verify program allows producers to use the Verify Mark on products evaluated at an ASTM +NIHC certified test laboratory for one year on product pending an annual surveillance audit.

Yes. The NIHC Verify Mark is only available to those producers/retailers who utilize an ASTM +NIHC certification test laboratory for product evaluation, and is an NIHC member in good standing.

Labs may visit https://nihc.theglobaldirectory.org/ to have their laboratories listed within this global database which is intended to increase product testing visibility and transparency.

The NIHC Verify program is a member benefit to NIHC members in good standing who utilize a laboratory that has completed the ASTM + NIHC certification audit.